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Randall Terry


Excommunicated, Unrepentant, Foreclosed, Unreconciled, Hung-over and Bankrupt






Randall Terry Shoots Himself

This website is dedicated to showing the truth about Randall Terry. The facts and actual documents speak for themselves.

What we will show you is that Randall Terry has a long history of problems which follow him to this day, problems which will likely follow him well into the future.

We will show where Randall Terry has struggled with friends, the Church, his children, friends, alcohol, adultry and more.

Select the links on the left to see the many facts surrounding Randall Terry, and in the end, decide for yourself whether or not we are telling the truth.

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"If I had to choose between living in
a nation that killed its children or an Islamic nation that sought to enslave
the human race, I would pick the
nation that killed its children," Article

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